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The Problem 

Chronic back pain is defined by the WHO as back pain lasting for more than 3 months. It affects 570 million people worldwide, 92 million in Europe, 72 million in the US and 1.5 million in Switzerland and will grow by 30% until 2030. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and sufferers are under-served despite high treatment costs. Direct treatment costs of low back pain only are up to 6% of healthcare costs in Switzerland and indirect GDP costs are on average up to 2.7% of GDP in Western countries.

The solution

Healactively is an app which acts as your back wellness coach in your pocket. As back pain sufferers ourselves, we know how challenging it is to manage pain while getting on with every day life and being able to have fun! So we've created an app solution personalized for you, based on your unique needs. 

Healactively gives you confidence to manage your daily routine - both physical and mental routines; it guides and supports you, and keeps you motivated. It incorporates AI, evidence-based physiotherapy programs, gamification, and a holistic approach to wellness - like having your own coach with you at all times.

Our story

Healactively, founded by former back pain sufferers who were unsatisfied with traditional medical approaches, aims to support individuals along their medical journey with a focus on health & wellness, personalized data-driven strategies, mindset transformation, and well-structured programs. Our purpose is to empower users to create their custom path to healthy longevity.

Our partners 

Our partners are driving patient outcomes and healthcare value-based solutions. They are Digital Health Innovators, Healthcare Professionals, Technology companies, Insurance companies, Academia, Hospitals, Pharma companies, Payers, Policy makers, and Patient Advocates. Join us!